Candice + David

Where do I even begin?  Spanish moss.  A historical property.  A gorgeous couple.  How about the beautiful, intimate wedding of Candice and David in Savannah, Georgia?  

I must admit that this wedding presented a few epic firsts for me, all of which I enjoyed.  This is the first wedding that I attended where a groom has so many close friends that he can’t bring himself to choose between them all to be his groomsmen.  Instead, David chose to stand solo at the altar.  What a guy!  This is also the first time where I had witnessed someone "drop the mic" after giving a passionate blessing over the reception food (props to David's dad) – the crowd was roaring with laughter, myself included!  Last but not least, this is the first time that I witnessed a bride be so easygoing for an entire non-stop, jam-packed wedding day.  Candice is a catch for sure!

Undoubtedly, this was a FANTASTIC wedding.  I smiled quite a bit while culling through their photos these last couple of weeks.  At times, I even found myself tearing up and needing a tissue or two.  You see, there's a subtle grace about Candice and David's love for one another.  It's a sweet and tender respect you don't see very often nowadays.  It’s truly something to see and I feel incredibly privileged to have witnessed such an inspiring love!

David and Candice, thank you for choosing me to capture the first day of the rest of your lives together.  You two are an amazing couple and I wish you both the very best life has to offer as the new Mr. & Mrs. Clark!

Best wishes!

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